John Oxley was the first person to note the rich potential of the area - known today as Dubbo - for grazing and agriculture in 1817.

But it wasn’t until 1849 that the area was proclaimed the ‘Village of Dubbo’.

Names such as Robert Venour Dulhunty (a pastoralist) and Jean Emile Serisier (an entrepreneur) feature strongly in Dubbo’s past.

Officially named a town in 1872 and a city in 1966, Dubbo has since become home to almost 40,000 people.

Residents enjoy great average maximum temperatures of 16 to 31.2 degrees Celsius - perfect for recreational activities like fishing, shopping, barbecues, camping and alfresco dining.

Dubbo is located in the Great Western Plains region of NSW, and is on the intersection of major routes for road, rail and air transport. The City is located within the local government area of Dubbo Regional Council which includes the town of Wellington located a 40-minute drive from Dubbo.

Quaint rural villages surrounding Dubbo include Brocklehurst, Ballimore, Wongarbon, Elong Elong, Toongi and Eumungerie.

The City regularly hosts sporting, agriculture and social events for the region at top facilities including the Dubbo Showground, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Dubbo Apex Club's Caltex Park, DCL Park and Victoria Park.

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