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This page contains information on a range of strategies and research relevant to the City of Dubbo. Documentation is provided through the listed organisation or agency. Dubbo Fast Facts

Online population data

Dubbo’s online population and demographic profile providing information on what resident’s in Dubbo do for work, how they live and what they earn, all in easy to read clear and concise tables and charts with explanatory commentary.

Dubbo Economic Profile

The online Dubbo Economic Profile details industry contributions to employment, output, wages and salaries, exports, imports and value added.

Valuable Insights: The profile provides valuable insights into the City’s workforce,  provides information to investors to highlight opportunities for business and provides information on the value of tourism for the local economy.
Keep it Simple:
The online profile aims to 'keep it simple' by providing valuable insights into local economy without overloading with too much detail.

If you need any more specific information please don’t hesitate to contact Council’s Economic Development Officer or  phone 02 6801 456

Tourism Research Australia (TRA)

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) is a branch of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET) that provides statistics, research and analysis to support industry development, policy development and marketing for the Australian tourism industry.

Quarterly National Visitor Surveys are conducted providing insight into travel patterns and behaviours of the international and domestic markets.  If you operate a business that benefits from the visitor dollar insight into this market may assist in future marketing strategies and action plans. 

Central NSW - Facts and figures

Dubbo LGA Profile - Accommodation

Dubbo LGA Profile - Tourism and travel

Dubbo Visitor Profile and Satisfaction Report

Regional Development Australia – RDA Orana

The Orana NSW Regional Plan 2013 – 2016 was developed through extensive community and local government consultations across the 13 Local Government areas that make up the Orana region.

RDA Orana Regional Plan 2013-2016 is part of the roadmap to elevate the value of the Orana region, advance economic development and embrace new opportunities to create communities where people want to invest and live.

Further information resources

Orana Region