Here you will find information for people, business and investors who are thinking of moving, establishing or investing in Dubbo, as well as information for those who currently live and work in Dubbo. 

This site is managed by Dubbo Regional Council's Economic Development Branch.

How we can help you

CONNECTIONS / putting you in touch with the right people

RESEARCH & STATISTICS / helping you make well-informed business and investment decisions

ECONOMIC MODELLING / data to support your business and investment decisions

TOURS / taking movers and investors to the next step in the decision-making process

PROGRAMS / supporting business growth and sustainability

LOBBYING / supporting business and industry growth opportunities

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT / helping business and industry attract, develop, and retain a skilled labour base

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT / assisting business and industry to expand its product or service offering

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL / supporting the attraction activities of your business or industry

GRANTS AND FUNDING / connecting businesses with industry grants and funding opportunities.

Q&As / to assist new and existing business and investment enquiries.


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